How to get profit from Facebook Ads

Often times business owners buy Paid Ads without a specific goal,

Before investing your money to get more clients by using Paid Ads, it is very important you focus on the most important things. (want to achieve your business goals? Click Here )

There are three things that if are organized correctly, will generate better results for every single dollar you invest on Facebook Ads, if one of these things isn’t strong to convince a customer, you will lose money on Facebook.

(Value Offer + cost to acquire a customer + return on investment)

Value Offer: Clients/Customers care about the value of your offer, they will only buy if only they see something that could fulfill their desire or solve their problems

So when communicating with your ideal clients, it is very important that you focus on letting your prospects know what they are going to get if they were to purchase your product or work with you.

For example, the message about my service/product could focus on problems, solution, and benefits

So if the message of your offer is directly focusing on those three things above, your Paid Ads are more likely to perform well. and bring more customers/clients in the door

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Cost to acquire a customer: the cost to acquire a customer for your offer is the number one thing you must pay attention to before buying Facebook Ads, failing to do so will Facebook Ads will eat alive.

Most people think that the cost is the money that a business needs to Advertise on Facebook.

Yes, it will cost you money to drive traffic to your landing pages by using Facebook Ads, but that is just the last thing you do after everything is set and ready to go to the marketplace.

You will need to spend more time doing some type of marketing research and crafting your message that speaks to your prospects and convincing them that you can change that you have what they want in order to solve their problems or get what they desire.

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So it will cost you time and money to understand your market before you touch Facebook Ads

Return on investment: If you have head about people who have tried Facebook Ads and failed, here is why they failed.

They failed because they did not have goals, they didn’t sit down and think about what they wanted to achieve by using Facebook Ads.

They were like those who get Facebook notifications convincing them to promote their posts just because they are getting a lot of engagements.

Now let's talk about your real return on investment:

Before you pay for Facebook Ads, it is recommended that you take time to go over your numbers, know your offer, your message, and how much it will cost to take your offer in the market

For example; for every single $1 dollar you spend on Facebook Ads, should give you $2-4 in return

If you sell your service/product for $100 and you pay Facebook $1 to show your product/service to people who are interested in your offer.

Facebook shows to 500 people, 170 engages with your content and 60 people click on your Ads, and only 8 people buy your product/service that means you spent $60 and get $740 out of your investment.

So numbers knowing the numbers is essential when thinking about using Facebook Ads

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