How to create a product/service that gets attention

Most new small businesses owner spend a lot of time developing their products/services instead of spending time in the market telling people about what they have to offer.

To be honest, this is what makes new businesses fail in 90 days. they invest most of their time designing and developing creating a product without knowing if it will sell or not

In The Year 1903, Samuel Pierpoint Langley, a well-found engineer, and inventor was launching an airplane of his own. ( Have business goals you want to achieve? Click Here)

Langley's assumption was: put a big enough engine on the thing, and it will fly.

He focused all his effort on that one project. Creating an engine powerful enough for the plane to go airborne.

on October 7, 1903, Langley tested his model for the very first time.

The plane crashed immediately after leaving the launch pad, badly damaging the front wing

Two months later, just eight before the Wright brothers' successful flight. Langley made a second attempt.

This time the tail and rear wing collapsed completely during the launch, Langley lost money, it felt horrible for him, he was criticized by members of congress for throwing the taxpayer dollars on his failed project. ( Have business goals you want to achieve? Click Here)

Wilbur and Orville Wright, the two brothers who surprised the world with their new approach to building a glider that would glide from a hilltop with no engine at all. they focused their energy on balance and steering.

Power was almost an afterthought.

Only after the glider worked by itself would they try to put an engine on it.

After three years of tedious experimentation, the glider was working well, so the commissioned bicycle shop machinist Charlie Tylor to build an engine the smallest engine.

It was the smallest engine he could design. an engine that would weigh 180 pounds.