How to convert website visitors into customers

Updated: Jun 20

When it comes to converting traffic into clients, communication towards their needs is what makes a website visitor take an action to buy what we offer.

I have been observing website visitors for a while to learn more about what attracts them and makes them spend more time on the website.

Here is what I have noticed is that people will spend more time on the website if they find what they want. regardless of what service a website offers

  • Visitors want to know if they can get the answers to their questions right away.

  • Visitors want to know if their problem could be solved right away

  • Visitors want to feel safe when they share information on a website

The chart below shows how much longer people spent on my website, understanding this gave me a different perspective about how to improve my communication with my visitors.

Because if I don't communicate very well about my service and the benefits clients would get when they choose to work with me, they won't take action when they land on my website.

Imagine walking in a store to buy organic olive oil and the Ailes signs don't show where to find it. You will have three choices, asking for help or keep on looking or visit a different store

The same is true when visitors land on a website that does not communicate toward their needs they quit and visit a competitor's website to find help

When we communicate our message to the client's problem, solution and result we win

Let's say you're a Family Therapist, you want your new website to bring more clients in, it pays well when you spend time researching for a message that is focused on

  • Identify painful problems

  • Offering a solution

  • Results ( what they will get when they choose to work with you)

Website visitors focus on getting what they want after they land on a site, so if the home page is not about them and what could solve their problems they don't book a session