5 questions that make people want to work with you.

When meeting a prospect for the first time is very important to know what your customers/clients want, their desires, wants, needs, and priorities that matter to them

Meeting With New Prospects

Prioritizing can be simple, you just need to use the following five questions as your selling process every time a prospect schedules a free consultation with you.

These questions will help you understand your client’s painful problems, offer a solution, and get their permission to work with them as clients

  1. What is the problem they want to solve or the result they want to achieve from this goal?

  2. What is the value of achieving this goal?

  3. What do you want the value to be?

  4. What is the value of the difference?

  5. What is the value of the difference over time ( 12 months )


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You need those five answers. Once you get them, you will know what their priorities are, why they are working on it, what the current state is, what the future state is, and what the value of the difference is immediately and over 12 months. And, oftentimes you will understand more and come up with awesome ideas which can help you solve their problems

Since most people don’t prioritize their goals, the value is usually bigger than they imagined. This sets you up to help them that value with your help.

I can tell you how many of our clients increase their monthly revenue not because we ask for it but because we prioritize their marketing goals annually in the first place.