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Consulting Agency committed to helping Licensed Therapists grow successful private practices

We’re passionate about helping Therapists find clients. Our  Consulting Agency aims to help our clients thrive.

Start working with a company that provides everything you need to build business awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers, and grow your practice. 

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Our mission 

Helping Licensed Therapists/Psychologists to increase online visibility, reach ideal clients effortlessly, and grow a successful practice 

Where My Journey Began

I had a part-time online gig on eBay back then. Online marketing became my option to generate income while watching my daughter. 

My skills and knowledge have transformed into helping business-based services to get clients since then.

One day, I met with a friend who was looking for someone like me to help her company grow its clientele base. 

After speaking with her for about 10 minutes, she offered me the job! It's such an experience being able to feel what it is like when you are not just doing something for yourself but also helping others in need as well!

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Becoming A Digital Marketing Consultant 


I was a person with no experience in marketing or running a business.


I started many different businesses in my journey, failed many times, picked up myself, and kept going.

I took each experience as feedback, learned from it, attended training and courses, and managed the best ways to advertise online. 

Trust me, no one wins the game without training harder smarter, and applying the proper ways to win - The guesswork is only good if you have unlimited time.

Let me help you find new customers 
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Once I started my online marketing career, learning all the ins and outs took a while. 

It seemed overwhelming at first, but mastering skills became easier after time passed by with errors and everyday actions​

I've been in this industry for 5 years now which means there are not many things out there that could surprise me anymore - or is there? ​

Sometimes you can't predict what will happen next because of how fast everything changes nowadays.

It takes some time getting used to!​

One piece of advice I always  give my clients is  

Find customers, don't wait for them to find you. 

Your competitors are out there looking for them. 

Let me help you find new customers 

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