Private Practice With No Voice No Overhead 

We provide private practice owners with a simple, customized plan that they can use to get high - value clients, and never have to worry about what to do to keep their practices full throughout the year 

Want to take your practice to the next level? 

Why so many therapists are far behind others in the market? 

Getting your private practice out there with the clear plan pays off in the long run. Unfortunately, some therapists think online marketing is a wasting of time and money. but these therapists have accounts on more than 5 membership sites, such as better help, Psychology Today, Zocdoc, Goodtherapy, etc;  and more than 5 social media profiles on top, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. it is a total mess, confusion, frustration, and over-complicated marketing strategies to put on their shoulders. 

The Key To Success Is A Customized Plan 

Knowing where to begin to market your practice takes away the confusion about what to do to grow your practice. it gives you a clear direction so that you don't have to struggle both personally and professionally. You won't even need the old plan of passing out cards and brochures, you won't need to rely on referrals that might happen to be not a good fit to work with. You won't need five accounts on social media

From part-time to full-time practice 

Let's say you have your business goals written down, things like, I want to see 7 clients every day. and my price is going to be $200 per session. I want to make $7,000 per week and $28,000 per month and $336,000 per year. it is simple math, but did you know that successful therapists make more than this number a year? They spend money to serve time so that they can focus on providing high-value service to their clients. 

Successful therapists invest time and money to improve

Remember successful therapists invest time, effort, and money to create a business that adds value to people's lives. they charge from $200+ because it is worth the value of their offer. most therapists think $200+ is too expensive, and most therapy clients think cheaper sessions are horrible. The bottom line is that, clients are willing to pay you $350 per hour if your service value is worth their money.   

why work with us

We provide marketing, technology, and client delivery. You focus on what you do best