How We Help Therapists To  Get 25-30 High Value - Clients Every Single Month With Predictability

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  • Why you need a niche and proof of concept.
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Discovered the new strategies to dramatically attract 25-30+ Clients Per Week in your practice 

in fact, we have used these strategies to help our clients go from zero clients to 30+ Clients Per Week 

Like Jennifer, who was seeing 4 clients per week in her struggling practice and turned it into a thriving practice in less than 40 days

So do other therapists who were struggling to get full fee clients, self-pay clients, and increasing their client caseloads. With these strategies, you will never feel confused about what you need to do to get more clients.

Want to grow your practice?

You won't even need to spend countless hours designing a website, Developing SEO, and Blogging. 

Let us personally help you increase the number of your ideal clients,


Start seeing 25-30+ clients in your practice immediately, increase your revenue, and practice self-care 


while equipping you with the tools and skills required to grow your therapy practice.

Want to grow your practice?

How? It’s simple: 

Unfortunately, a lot of therapy practices believe marketing is a waste of funds. However, spending money on connecting your practice with the right clients will save you thousands of dollars and hours of stress.

Creating a clear, scalable plan forward  

We want to know what your goals are; then we want to help you meet them. We’re dedicated to taking your practice from where it is now to the next level.

Want to take your practice to the next level? 

Executing your customized plan 

We don’t just help you revamp your practice’s business plan by upping your marketing efforts and providing clear direction -- we’re there every step of the way until it becomes a reality. 

Want to grow your practice? 

Successful practices invest in their growth and outreach:

Imagine you have the following business goals written down -- seven clients every day at $200 per session. ($7,000 weekly income, $28,000 monthly income, $336,00 annual income). These numbers are not out of the ordinary for a successful therapist who invests time and money in outreach and marketing to attract quality clients who pay out of pocket and on-time.

Want to grow your practice  

Quality clients are open to spending more on quality therapy. 


They’re out there -- we just have to develop the marketing plan that will attract leads from the kind of clients you want. Through marketing strategy and advertising optimization, we’ll connect you with this exact type of person. 


Investing in your practice = investing in the future. 


Interested in what Consul Therapy can do for you? Sign up for a free consultation and we’ll walk you through the steps to attracting the type of client that will serve as the foundation for a successful practice. 

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We provide marketing, technology, and client delivery. 

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